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Guatemala Yula

Guatemala Yula

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Situated high in the steep mountains, the remote location of Finca Yula makes it only accessible by horseback. It is a tiny farm that packs a big punch. The coffee has a Kenya-like bright flavor profile with notes of currants, tangerine, plum and hibiscus. The bright acidity is balanced well by a lasting sweetness and clean finish.

The unique flavor profile is achieved by farmer Felix Pablo's implementation of a Double Wash process. This method, originating from Kenya, results in a complex but clean and delicious brew.

The Top 1%

From the hundreds of millions of lbs that are grown each year, this is the top 1%. The result of the hard work and skill of farmers from around the world. Full of sweetness, flavor, acidity and body these coffees will step up your morning routine.

Fresh Roasted

No more stale coffee. We roast to order and ship to direct from our roaster to your door so get the freshest coffee possible.