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Espresso 1.0

Espresso 1.0

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Formerly "Super Spro". While most of our coffees make a solid espresso, this blend was created for it. A well developed roast so each shot you pull has classic chocolate and caramel flavors along with lots of body so the coffee flavors dont get lost when you mix it with milk. Super Spro is consistent and approachable. While it is sourced and roasted for espresso, it also makes an excellent drip/filter coffee and cold brew as well.

The Top 1%

From the hundreds of millions of lbs that are grown each year, this is the top 1%. The result of the hard work and skill of farmers from around the world. Full of sweetness, flavor, acidity and body these coffees will step up your morning routine.

Fresh Roasted

No more stale coffee. We roast to order and ship to direct from our roaster to your door so get the freshest coffee possible.