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Specialty coffee is amazing.

Full of flavor and sweetness that elevates your cup from "just a caffeine boost" to an amazing beverage.

It can also be amazingly expensive. $15 - $21 for a 12 oz. bag. That is well over $20 per lb.

We decided to do better. The top 1% for 40-50% off retail prices. Fresh roasted and free shipping.

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    THE TOP 1%

    From the hundreds of millions of lbs that are grown each year, this is the top 1%. Full of sweetness, flavor, acidity and body these
    coffees will step up your morning routine.

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    40-50% off retail prices. We offer the wholesale prices that are normally reserved for cafes and stores.

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    No more stale coffee. We roast to order and ship direct from our roaster to your door so you get the freshest coffee possible.

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  • “This place just keeps bringing some of the best tasting and freshest coffee at a fantastic price that can be found.“

    Jason V.

  • “Excellent coffee and excellent service! This is the second time I've ordered through Specialty Coffee Wholesale and they have exceeded expectations both times.”

    Aidan L.

  • “Amazing coffee and an amazing price. It was roasted fresh and delivered quickly.”

    Noah J.

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No cool brand. Just good coffee.

We are pretty bad designers and marketers. Lucky for us, we are pretty good at sourcing and roasting coffee. We skiped the fancy packaging and slick branding, so we could offer the best price on specialty coffee around. After all, its whats in the bag, not whats on the bag, that matters.

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